Commitment to Safety
Reliable Builders, Inc. is committed to providing a safe working environment for our employees and our subcontractors. Our culture embraces a zero incident mind-set that is valuable when completing all our projects. To ensure that this mission is accomplished safely, the focus on the preservation of life and health will be the primary consideration in assembling, training, and managing, the workforce needed to support this effort.
With over 30 years of experience working with the U.S. Department of Defense, local and other Federal agencies, RBI fully understands the approach, requirements, and training to safety in the work place. We also understand the need to continual employee development, awareness and training to ensure our Guam workforce meets all OSHA requirements. RBI provides a safe work environment for its employees and insists upon safe work practices at all times. Our high level of safety performance is attributable to proactive management, commitment to zero tolerance for safety deficiencies and quality onsite safety management staff.
It is the philosophy of RBI that the health and welfare of people are among the most important considerations in any undertaking. The protection of company assets and the environment are also primary concerns. No job is so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely using proven work practices. This philosophy enables RBI to deliver the highest quality services to its customers and the best performances for its shareholders.
It is our policy to provide a place of employment that is free from recognized hazards, to provide accident prevention training programs and systems, and to comply with applicable DoD, local, and national regulations. Understanding that safety accident prevention and environmental protection are operational responsibilities, this policy requires all employees at all levels to be responsible for the prevention of job-related injuries and illnesses, property damage and environmental accidents. They accomplish this by using good judgment and through the diligent and consistent application of company guidelines and procedures implemented through a strong Safety and Health Organization.
Worker safety and productivity, hence job quality, are inexorably linked. Health and safety protocols are integrated into all phases of work. RBI managers train, delegate authority, and provide the resources to our project superintendents, foremen, QCM's, and field subcontractor personnel, so that all work is performed under safe conditions. All of our supervisors, site health and safety personnel, and all our workers have completed the OSHA Construction Safety Outreach training program.  
With continuous and repeated safety indoctrination, Reliable Builders, Inc.'s Dart Rate (Days Away, Restrictions and Transfers) has significantly improved to a perfect rating of 0.00% in 2009 in the 336,608 hours worked by all RBI employees (versus 1.65% in 2007 & 0.89% in 2008). Recently, Reliable Builders, Inc. was awarded the Guam Contractors' Association's 2010 Excellence in Construction Safety Award.

Safety Award

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