Antenna & Radome Structure
Antenna & Radome Structure
Contracting Agency:
Contract Amount: $10,798,163.00
Contract Type:
Firm Fixed Price
Prime or Subcontract Work: Prime

Reliable Builders, Inc. was awarded a firm-fixed price contract in the total amount of $ 10,798,163.00 to build the Antenna & Radome Structure and Sub-station Building located at Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station, Guam with a total floor area of 80,417 square feet.

The three (3) Antenna and Radome Structures include Anemometer Tower Foundations, concrete slabs, pads and CMU enclosures for the blower desalinators, condenser dehumidifiers and emergency generators around the Radome Structures. It also includes underground utilities, with handhold and duct lines for cameras, power, and communication lines. In addition, for the grounding system of the structure, a ring ground connects to the helical ground that rises six hundred feet (600 ft). Grounding ensures that all equipment inside the Antenna and Radome Structure meet safety requirements.
The Sub-station Building Structure includes the pad and enclosure for condensing unit, the PCU and ACCU. Roof ventilators installed in the Battery room and transformer room exhausts the heat and acids as required. The sub-station includes a HVAC system for the Signal, Battery, Switchgear and UPS rooms to maintained room temperature and to protect the equipment installed. Components of the electrical equipment are the 2000KVAXFMR, 3000 AT low voltage circuit breaker, medium voltage switch, dry tape transformer and panel for each antenna.
A 13.8 KV power line P55 and P60 from Building 308 has been upgraded by replacing the underground wiring system and has been connected to the new substation that will supply power to the Antenna and other related equipment.

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